Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — Secret Agent Gear Collection

In the hostile environment of Dogtown, a walled-off district in Night City ruled by a warlord and his trigger-happy militia, a web of spies operates beneath the surface. Working from the shadows, FIA sleeper agent Solomon Reed has been called back into action to help with a delicate and dangerous mission. The person at the heart of this operation: NUS intelligence analyst, and expert netrunner, Songbird.

These characters are two of the most important to feature in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, and their shared history is at the core of the spy-thriller adventure — and also this collection of Phantom Liberty inspired gear!


Spy Games

This set is presented in a secure magnetic-closure box fit for any secret agent. Inside, you’ll find an exquisitely detailed centerpiece statue of both Solomon Reed and Songbird — two veteran spies caught in a web of espionage, political intrigue, and shattered loyalties. Standing at 11.14 inches, this statue is designed in-house by CD PROJEKT RED artists and perfectly captures the essence and appearance of these two characters as seen in Phantom Liberty.


Welcome to the NUSA

Alongside this statue, you’ll also find an NUSA challenge coin — a full replica of the token given to V by NUSA president Rosalind Myers in the expansion. This coin is V’s official ticket into the world of spies, and whether you wish to take the oath or not — you can now become the newest agent on the streets.


Enemy Intel

Dogtown is filled with technology and weapons long-hidden, unregulated and left over by the corporations who once saw Dogtown as a valuable investment. Militech’s Chimera is one of them. Get to know the ins and outs of this deadly battle tank thanks to the metallic lithograph included in the set. These manufacturers' blueprints, hacked from behind secure corpo servers, are perfect as both decoration and top-of-the-line intelligence.


The Story So Far

Every agent needs a thorough mission briefing. Discover important events that occurred before Phantom Liberty with the comic book “Ten of Swords”, written by CD PROJEKT RED’s Łukasz Ludkowski, Alex Sutton and Bartosz Sztybor with art from  Miguel Valderrama. Set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll learn about the history of important characters featured in the expansion with this tense, pulsating original story that dives deep into the background of Phantom Liberty’s story.

This premium quality set of gear inspired by Phantom Liberty is the perfect companion for your adventures into the dangerous district of Dogtown. Whether you’re decking out a secret agent underground bunker or just want to enjoy some spy-thriller memorabilia, this set is a worthy addition to any collector’s shelves — one you won’t find for sale anywhere in Dogtown’s black market.


Set Contains:

  • Magnetic Closure Box
  • Solomon Reed and Songbird Statue
  • NUSA Challenge Coin
  • Militech Chimera blueprint lithograph — printed on metallic paper
  • “Ten of Swords” Comic Book


Important: This collection does not include the game Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.



  • All designed in-house by the team at CD PROJEKT RED

    Reed and Songbird Statue

    • Size: 27.94 cm x 15.24 cm (11 in x 6 in)
    • Weight: Approximately 900 g (31.75 oz)
    • Material: Thermoplastic (ABS and PVC)

    NUSA Challenge Coin

    • Design:
      • Front: NUSA seal with “The New United States of America”
    • Size: 5.08 cm (2 in) diameter x 0.41 cm (0.16 in) thickness
    • Weight: Approximately 47 g (1.66 oz)
    • Material: Zinc alloy
    • Display box: square clamshell

    Chimera Schematic Metallic Lithograph

    • Design:
      • Black, yellow and red Chimera schematic
    • Size: 22.86 cm x 30.48 cm (9 in x 12 in)

    Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty 10 of Swords Comic Book

    • Size: 16.79 cm x 26.04 cm x 0.64 cm (6.61 in x 10.25 in x 0.25 in)




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